McFarlin LLP| Real Estate Litigation and Transactions

Even the most carefully drafted and negotiated real estate contracts can give rise to disputes. Specific provisions can be challenged or even ownership itself can be called into question. McFarlin LLP attorneys not only structure and broker real estate transactions but also litigate any disputes arising out of real estate contracts. Real Estate Litigation is a unique area of practice as it often does not just revolve around a dispute over money, but also a particular and unique piece of real estate.

Many different types of parties can become involved in a real estate litigation matter, including individual property owners, commercial property owners, real estate investors, tenants in common, real estate developers as well as landlords and tenants. The attorneys at McFarlin LLP can assist represent any type of entity in a real estate dispute. We analyze and evaluate the situation and formulate an aggressive strategy to meet clients’ goals and objectives.

In addition to real estate litigation, McFarlin LLP attorneys also assist clients in structuring or analyzing real estate transactions. Our experience litigating real estate matters gives us a unique perspective on the terms and provisions in real estate contracts, which works to our clients’ advantage. We understand and can articulate the litigation implications of all aspects of real estate contracts. Entering into a real estate contract is likely a very large investment, it is critical to be as well protected as possible from potential future issues so that investment is preserved and can flourish.

It is important to address a real estate dispute at the earliest possible stage. The attorneys at McFarlin LLP work diligently to prevent real estate litigation whenever possible, and put clients in the most advantageous position for settlement when litigation does occur. Real Estate contract review, prior to closing a transaction, can go a long way to preventing potential problems down the road, for all types of real estate transactions.

McFarlin LLP has represented thousands of clients with real estate issues or litigation. We can analyze your real estate situation and give you an honest and straightforward assessment in our very first meeting. Our real estate litigators are familiar with all aspects of real estate law and can help with even the most complex real estate matters.