Ochrach Law Group Details Needed Assets for Real Estate Litigation

Ochrach Law Group has served the Rocklin and Roseville areas for over twenty-five years, specializing in business and real estate law.  In particular, according to a post completed for Press Releases Online, the firm has focused on various aspects of both real estate and business law, including financial and malpractice suits.

The law group is lead by Jeffrey H. Ochrach—the founder of the firm.  Ochbach has a variety of experience in business and law that equips him to take on his chosen topics in the courtroom.  He started as an accountant, earning his degree in the study and spending a number of years as an auditor, before joining the law firm of Long and Levit of San Francisco, where Ochrach focused in legal malpractice defense.  His time at Long and Levit, combined with his experiences in interacting with finances and businesses as an auditor, are very applicable in a career where nearly every case consists of complex business and financial issues.

These experiences are also pertinent in Ochrach Law Group’s cases of real estate litigation.  The firm takes on cases involving fraud, realtor negligence and breach of contract.  According to the law group, these cases require an expertise in contracts law; specifically, Ochrach’s wealth of knowledge of accounting and financial concepts clearly come into play in the process of settling damage claims.

Overall, Ochrach’s unique background has worked wonders for his law group.  In general, the firm holds a ninety percent success rate, through settlement or winning by pre-trial or trial.  Ochrach himself has tried thirty-five cases and won thirty-three; his ninety-four percent success rate is unparalleled in the matters of real estate and business litigation.